Cubano IM Roberto Ledo wins Portugal Open Rapid Tournament

After a successful classic tournament, the Portuguese Open sped up to its Rapid tournament,  with 170 players in action at the second pavilion of the Casal Vistoso Municipal Sports Complex in Lisbon. This time, the winner was the Cuban International Master Roberto Ledo, who scored 7 points in the eight rounds of the event.

IM Ledo, 15th seed,  at the start, finished the Open with the same score as the Argentine Grandmaster Federico Ponsa, but won the title due to his best tie-break. The third place went to the Serbian GM Aleksandar Indjic, half a point behind, and certainly leaves Lisbon with good memories.

The best Portuguese in the tournament was IM André Ventura Sousa, who finished in 16th place, with 6 points. The AX Gaia chess player also won the Under-18 category.

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Final ranking

1st Roberto Ledo (IM, Cuba), 7 points;
2nd Federico Ponsa (GM, Argentina), 7;
3rd Aleksandar Indjic (GM, Serbia), 6.5;
4th Gabor Nagy (IM, Hungary); 6.5;
5th Florian Kaczur (IM, Hungary), 6.5;
6th Gerog Froweis (IM, Austria), 6.5;
7th Kevin Spraggett (GM, Canada), 6.5;
8th Tigran Ghamarian (GM, France), 6.5;
9th Martins Nayebaver (IM, Slovakia), 6.5;
10th Nikita Petrov (IM, Russia), 6;
16th André Ventura Sousa (IM, Portugal), 6;
22nd Ivo Dias (CM, Portugal), 5.5;
28th Hugo Ferreira (Portugal), 5.5;
29th João Romano (Portugal), 5,5;
30th Ricardo Paulos Fernandes (Portugal), 5,5.

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The Serbian grandmaster Aleksandar Indjić was the winner of the Portugal Open 2018

The strongest tournament ever held in Portugal, that gathered   272 chess players from 42 the second pavilion of the Municipal Sports Complex of Vistoso Casal, in Lisbon.

Indjić made 7.5 points in 9 possible, the same as the Russians Anton Demchenko and Nikita Petrov, but had a better tie-breaker to claim the title, after being runner-up in the 2017 edition.

As Demchenko confirmed its credits as number 71 in the world as second placed, Petrov made his the third and final norm to achieve the title of grandmaster.

The best Portuguese in the Open was the IM Rui Dâmaso, who scored 7 points and achieved the 12th place after beating in the final round the Turkish GM Vahap Sanal.

Six further Portuguese finished in the group of 22nd, with 6 points. They are Sérgio Rocha, André Ventura Sousa, Luís Galego, André Fidalgo, Pedro Neves and António Pereira dos Santos.













Final ranking:
1st Aleksandar Indjić (GM, Serbia), 7.5 points
2nd Anton Demchenko (GM, Russia), 7,5
3rd Nikita Petrov (IM, Russia), 7,5
4th Baduur Jobava (GM, Georgia), 7
5th Andreas Diermair (IM, Austria), 7
6th Gabor Nagy (IM, Hungary), 7
7th Christopher Repka (IM, Slovakia), 7
8th MR Venkatesh (GM, India), 7
9th Oleg Korneev (GM, Spain), 7
10th Jaime Latasa (GM, Spain), 7
11th Samiel Sevian (GM, United States), 7
12th Rui Dâmaso (IM, Portugal), 7;
31st Sérgio Rocha (IM, Portugal), 6
33th André Ventura Sousa (IM, Portugal), 6
35th Luis Galego (GM, Portugal), 6
40th André Fidalgo (NM, Portugal), 6
44th Pedro Neves (NM, Portugal), 6
45th António Pereira dos Santos (FM, Portugal), 6.

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