Chinese GM Xiangyu Xu wins Open de Portugal rapid tournament














The best chess returned to the Sports Complex of Casal Vistoso, in Lisbon, this time at a faster pace, and

the winner was the Chinese Grandmaster Xu Xiangyu, the best among the 160 participants from 26 different countries.

Xu finished the tournament with 7 points, the same as the Russian GM Nikita Petrov, with whom he drew the last round, but won the top prize through a better tie-break.The Ukrainian GM Vitaly Berdadskiy was third, half a point behind, with the better tie-break of a four-player group

The best Portuguese was GM António Fernandes, who, after serving as an arbiter during the classic tournament, finished 10th with 6 points.


Eduardo Iturrizaga wins Open de Portugal for the second time














For the second time in three years, the Venezuelan Grandmaster Eduardo Iturrizaga won the Open de Portugal / City of Lisbon, the largest and strongest tournament in Portugal, which took the Pavillion of Casal Vistoso, in Lisbon, 272 players of the 40 different countries.
Iturrizaga, an usual visitor to Portugal, and winner of the 2017 edition, finished the tournament in first place, half a point above a group of oito players, in a very balanced event which was only decided in the final moves.

At the beginning of the last round, Iturrizaga, seed number 2 of the tounament, was half a point ahead, and drew quickly with the Mongolian International Master Sumiya Bilguum, a satisfying result for both, since the Venezuelan took advantadge of the draws in the second and third table, while the Mongolian achieved a GM norm.

After the tie-breaks, the first seed, the Russian GM Alexander Motylev was second, while his countryman GM Nikita Petrov was third.

The best Portuguese was GM Luís Galego, 26th with 6.5 points, after drawing the young Norwegian FIDE Master Johannes Haug.

With 6 points another two Portuguese players, the IM Sérgio Rocha (38th) and Miguel Fernandes (46th).

Delivering the prize were also the Latvian WGM Dana Reizniece-Ozola, former Finance Minister of the Baltic country and currently vice-president of the European Chess Union, and the ECU president, the Georgian Zurab Azmaiparashvili.

In a brief speach, Reizniece-Ozola saluted the “alpha status of Lisbon” as an “important city in the world of economics and sports”. “I take the opportunity to congratulate Lisbon as European Capital of Sport for 2021, she said.

As for Zurab Azmaiparashvili, he declared his apreciation for what he saw at the Open de Portugal, and the “very positive future of Portuguese chess”. “He shall help the growth of Portuguese chess”, promissed the ECU leader.

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